Victor Marsh

Meditation has taught me that before gender, there is the state of undifferentiated unity. I have learned to make my home there. Gender – as an initiation into duality – is a secondary state, and sexuality a distant, third order of being. I am learning to look beyond differences – as real as they are, in this social sphere – to recognise the presence of the underlying state of unity that subsumes all forms of difference.

Victor Marsh, ‘Searching for the ‘home-self’, Heaven Bent

Victor Marsh PhD is an honorary Research Fellow at the University of Queensland and does sessional teaching at Southern Cross University. His doctoral dissertation The Journey of the Queer ‘I’ focused on identity positioning in gay men’s spiritual autobiographies. In 2010 he wrote Mr Isherwood Changes Trains: Christopher Isherwood and the Search for the home self, a critical discussion of the often-misunderstood religious life of the British writer whose relationship with his guru, a Swami in the Ramakrishna Order of Monks, lasted nearly 40 years.


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