Henry von Doussa

We gave but we did not go. Not often anyway. ‘If you come, there will be cake and sweets afterwards,’ my mother would say. You had to bribe us to give up a Sunday morning, and it was very rare that the prizes on offer would be enough to compete with what we might be doing around the farm. Church, what we knew of it, was just no fun.

Henry von Doussa, ‘We gave but we did not go’, Heaven Bent

Henry von Doussa lives in Melbourne and works as a social researcher for the Bouverie Centre at La Trobe University. Much of his work is in the area of sexuality and sexual health. In 2006 von Doussa won the Civic Choice Award of the Melbourne Prize for Literature for his novel The Park Bench. In 2010 he started regularly attending a local Anglican church in an attempt to make sense of his family’s ambivalent attachment to church life during his childhood.


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