Alyena Mohummadally

For me, being Muslim is about spirituality. It is about having someone to thank and to ask for guidance, but it is also about having someone to get angry with! It is not about rituals and uncontested faith, rather it is about support, encouragement and peace. The word ‘Islam’ means peace – this is the Islam that I know and embrace.

Alyena Mohummadally, ‘The impossible dream’, Heaven Bent

Alyena Mohummadally is a mum, partner, friend, daughter, sister, government policy adviser, social justice activist and a keen cricket fan. Prior to government, Alyena was a principal and policy lawyer in a community legal centre, and has a long history of working in the not-for-profit sector. Alyena has been published in books, journals and online and she frequently speaks at conferences, workshops and on air. She founded the Queer Muslims in Australia Yahoo! Group and is currently the Chair of the Australian GLBTIQ Multicultural Council Inc. Alyena lives in Melbourne with her partner, their young son and two cats, and enjoys a fiery debate, albeit the energy has weakened due to the many sleepless nights a toddler gives its parents!


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